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Interview tips for finance and accountancy roles

11th March 2020

Even though you have worked hard to arm yourself with experience and come with a shining CV, it can be easy to make mistakes in your job search when it comes to the dreaded interview. Here’s how you can stand out above the competition and work effectively with recruiters to land your dream job in the finance and accountancy sector. 

Ask questions 

Your first interview may be a fact-finding mission in your mind but reserve judgement before making any decisions on fit. Ask plenty of questions but keep a balance: use them to not only find out what you need to know about the company, but also to provide information about you and to show interest. 

Your aim should be to be invited back and it will be at that point in the process that you can dig deeper and find the answers to all your questions and make a more firm decision. 

Don’t rely on your experience alone

Your CV and experience may have got you through the door but remember this is your chance to truly sell yourself. An interview is where you can expand the key selling points in your CV and all those important aspects that may not be included on it. Remember you are unlikely to be the only person the panel is meeting with, so you need to get across just how great you are! 

You may be unique but humility is also key here, as is great communication. Be engaged and friendly – after all we all know that personality plays a big part in who we want to work alongside.

Do research the company thoroughly

Do your homework – and then do a bit more! It sounds an obvious point but often candidates are guilty of forgetting – or not bothering – to do the background research. Remembering the points above; you still need to sell yourself and an important way to do that is by showing that you have brushed up on the organisation. Make sure you have fully got your head around the company culture, its values and your potential role within the organisation.

How to effectively work with your recruiter

A great recruiter will be able to assist you with more than just bringing a possible role to your attention. Recruiters work with a wide range of clients and their experience of the job market and in-depth knowledge of the client means they will be able to provide you with sound advice on your positioning, as well as saving you precious time with your job hunt.

Build a good relationship with your recruiter; even if this role turns out not to be the move for you they will be an excellent person to have on your side and will be able to bring other suitable roles to you in the future. 

You can find even more interview tips and dos and don’ts here.

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