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COVID-19 response from CMA Recruitment Group

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22nd December 2020

CMA Wins Best Workplace Environment in National Awards

We are so pleased to have been recognised in Recruiter magazine’s 2020 Investing In Talent Awards for Best Workplace Environment.

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17th November 2020

What value can a recruitment consultancy offer versus a direct advertising campaign?

In this article we outline some of the key reasons businesses of any size should consider partnering with a recruitment consultancy over running their own direct recruitment campaign.

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11th November 2020

Job hunting in an uncertain climate

2020 is a world in flux and no more so than when it comes to the job market. It may seem like a daunting time to be looking for a new job and media headlines can make it seem even more so. If you’re looking for a new role then these expert tips from CMA’s experienced recruitment consultants will help you with your job search in this uncertain climate.

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29th September 2020

How to work with your recruitment consultant

As recruiters we can help candidates land the perfect job, but we can’t do that alone. Here’s how you can work with your recruiter to really get the best out of them, fully prepare yourself for the interview - and promote yourself and your skills to your potential employer.

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1st August 2020

COVID-19 drives demand for interim and temporary workers

Here at CMA we have noticed a material increase in interim and temporary roles over the past few months, particularly for finance roles. Following our Market Analysis project, here we explore how these types of roles have supported both candidates and clients in this difficult time, aiding in business recovery.

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28th July 2020

Market Analysis – June 2020

The 2020 coronavirus outbreak and resulting lockdown in the UK brought with it a whole host of new challenges, experiences and changes to the business landscape - for many, their companies may never be the same again. We decided we wanted to understand more about the impact the pandemic has had on businesses in our region. So, with the help of our team we undertook a large-scale market analysis.

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