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19th February 2020

Everything you need to know about jobs in HR

HR is a rewarding career path, which involves varied work, helping and nurturing others, competitive pay and a robust job market. Here we cover many of the questions we get asked about HR jobs such as the qualifications needed, the roles on offer and the importance of HR to the wider organisation.

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28th November 2019

How to achieve work-life blend

Where work-life balance seeks to compartmentalise our home and work lives, a work-life blend looks to integrate them in a way that suits us as individuals - so the extent of your ‘blend’ depends on you and your needs. This method is more realistic in a world of devices and an ‘always-on’ culture. 

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16th October 2019

My first job: Danielle-Jade’s story

What was your first job? We asked Danielle-Jade about hers and the career path that brought her eventually to CMA.

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10th October 2019

My first job: Lynsey’s story

Do you remember your first job? We asked Lynsey all about her career journey, from her first job to now. Here's what she had to say...

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3rd October 2019

My first job: Michelle’s story

Do you remember your first job? We asked our colleagues about theirs, and thought their stories were too interesting not to share! First up: Michelle.

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18th September 2019

CMA & AAT Student Award Winners 2019

On Friday 30th August we hosted our 2019 CMA & AAT Student Awards lunch at the Harbour Hotel in Southampton.

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