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Want to get the best from your recruiter? Go and meet them first

26th February 2019

Recruiters can truly change lives by matching candidates with their dream roles, so why, in such a people-focused industry, are face-to-face meetings so often shunned in favour of emails and telephone calls?

If you have the opportunity to meet a recruiter before working with them, we strongly recommend you take it. Not only will this give them a chance to learn about you and your needs, which in turn will help them find your perfect position, it’ll allow you to ask your own questions.

Below are some tips to help you get the most out of that first encounter; some things to consider and questions to ask.

Insist on the right location

Meeting your recruiter needn’t be a completely formal, office-based affair; some will suggest grabbing a drink in a coffee shop, and this kinds of relaxed atmosphere can help to create a more natural conversation. That said, it needs to be comfortable, so insist on going somewhere reasonably quiet and try to avoid peak hours.

Be yourself and relax

Your qualifications and experience may be important, but character is a big part of the equation too – if you love innovation, a lively, modern start-up will likely be a better choice of employer than a more traditional firm.

A meeting will help your recruiter judge your character, and the more relaxed you are, the better chance they’ll have of matching you to the right role in the right environment.

Based on this initial meeting, a recruiter may also be able to give you tips that will help you in later interviews, perhaps to do with your body language or presentation.

Find out what happens next

The fact that your recruiter is meeting you already suggests they’re committed to helping you find the right role, but don’t leave the encounter open-ended. Ask what the next steps will be and what actions they’ll be taking once back at the office.

This is a two-way thing – asking should prompt the recruiter to let you know of anything you should be doing to keep the process moving forward smoothly, whether it’s tidying up your CV or sending over any further information.

Lastly, try to get an estimated time-frame; it’ll ensure you know what to expect and will save you from chasing the recruiter unnecessarily.

Stay in touch, gain a valuable resource

Any decent recruiter will always have other candidates to help, but by taking yours up on the initial meeting invite and then offering to meet again later in the year, you’ll gain their loyalty.

Reputable recruiters are valuable contacts to have, even when you’re in a great job already. You’ll get the help, resources and insights of an industry professional, and in return they’ll have a candidate they know and trust should any perfect positions come up. You could also gain an advantage by being informed of roles that aren’t publicly advertised.

What’s more, the more time you spend together, the better they will understand your strengths, characteristics and career goals – even if these change over time.

Recruitment with a personal touch

There are plenty of recruiters out there, but the ones worth having by your side throughout your career are those that keep people as their priority.

Emails and telephone calls are useful but there’s only so much you can achieve without face-to-face contact, which is why at CMA Recruitment Group we like to meet every candidate we work with. For personalised help in finding your perfect role, submit your CV to us today.