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8th June 2020

Employee engagement in a remote working environment

Working from home may have become the ‘new normal’ but it arrives with its own distinct challenges for managers; with employee engagement at the top of the list. We look at the importance of employee engagement in a remote working situation and the ways that employers can maintain it successfully.

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8th May 2020

Communicating with employees during a crisis

Execution of a solid communication plan is the key to surviving in a business crisis; and this communication needs to come from the top down. Here we outline why communication is essential, what great crisis communication looks like and how you can empower your employees to handle any unexpected situation.

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2nd April 2020

Setting yourself up for successful remote working

Working from home is certainly not for everyone, and it can be daunting if you are new to it. Here we have gathered five top tips from our staff to help you set yourself up for successful remote working from home.

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25th March 2020

Everything you need to know about jobs in Accountancy and Finance

Here we answer many of the queries we regularly get asked about jobs in finance and accountancy; answering questions such as how much you can expect to earn, what a career path in accountancy would look like and interview questions to expect.

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11th March 2020

Interview tips for finance and accountancy roles

Even though you have worked hard to arm yourself with experience and come with a shining CV, it can be easy to make mistakes in your job search when it comes to the dreaded interview. Here’s how you can stand out above the competition and work effectively with recruiters to land your dream job in the finance and accountancy sector. 

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19th February 2020

Everything you need to know about jobs in HR

HR is a rewarding career path, which involves varied work, helping and nurturing others, competitive pay and a robust job market. Here we cover many of the questions we get asked about HR jobs such as the qualifications needed, the roles on offer and the importance of HR to the wider organisation.

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