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25th March 2020

Everything you need to know about jobs in Accountancy and Finance

Here we answer many of the queries we regularly get asked about jobs in finance and accountancy; answering questions such as how much you can expect to earn, what a career path in accountancy would look like and interview questions to expect.

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24th July 2019

Identifying your transferable skills to help you land the perfect finance role

The first step towards landing that ideal role in finance is selling yourself on your CV – and to do that, you really need to make the most of all of your relevant skills.

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2nd July 2019

Nightmare interview stories

We’ve all encountered a terrible interview. Sometimes it’s something you’ve done, but what happens when it’s not something you could plan for? Sometimes through no fault of your own bad interviews do happen, even when you’ve done the legwork. You told us about some of your own interview horror stories.

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21st June 2019

How to use social media to improve your job prospects

Job hunting in the 21st Century is fast, competitive and online. If you're not using LinkedIn et al efficiently, then you'll be left behind. Here are a few ways to use social media to boost your job prospects.

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10th June 2019

Should we get rid of the CV?

For years, people have questioned whether the CV is still relevant, especially when so many of us use LinkedIn to find our next role. Does the CV still have a valuable part to play or is it time we got rid of it?

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14th May 2019

Top 5 interview dos and don’ts

You’ll find a lot of advice out there about how to dress, what to say, what not to say and how to present yourself at a job interview – in fact it can be downright confusing and overwhelming. Don’t worry, though, we’ve made it simple for you. Here are the top five dos and don’ts to bear in mind ahead of an interview.

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