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Want to get the best from your recruiter? Go and meet them first

Recruiters can truly change lives by matching candidates with their dream roles, so why, in such a people-focused industry, are face-to-face meetings so often shunned in favour of emails and telephone calls?

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Nightmare interview stories

We’ve all encountered a terrible interview. Sometimes it’s something you’ve done, but what happens when it’s not something you could plan for? Sometimes through no fault of your own bad interviews do happen, even when you’ve done the legwork. You told us about some of your own interview horror stories.

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The CIPD qualification: what you think about it

We’ve previously examined the merits of the CIPD qualification and whether it’s worth the effort, exertion and exhaustion of studying (usually) part-time while working, but we wanted to know what you – the HR professional community – thought about it.

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Identifying your transferable skills to help you land the perfect finance role

The first step towards landing that ideal role in finance is selling yourself on your CV – and to do that, you really need to make the most of all of your relevant skills.

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