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Take our CIPD survey

Is the CIPD still considered valuable in the industry? Are you penalised for not having it? Is it more important than HR experience? Have your say in our short, anonymous survey.

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Five tips to help you achieve work-life balance

There’s a growing trend in our workplaces that we should ‘always be on’, but what can you do about it? How can you promote a healthy work-life balance? Our blog may help you.

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Should we get rid of the CV?

For years, people have questioned whether the CV is still relevant, especially when so many of us use LinkedIn to find our next role. Does the CV still have a valuable part to play or is it time we got rid of it?

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Using LinkedIn to improve your job prospects

Whether you’re looking for a new role or simply keeping your options open, LinkedIn is probably the first place most of us go when job hunting. It’s the perfect tool for getting you noticed by recruiters, yet 47% of people don't even update their profile. Here's how to use it more effectively.

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